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The Summit will be a VIRTUAL (ONLINE) SUMMIT

10th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit will be a virtual (online) summit.

We will be using Zoom Video Webinar that you can join any time after
the launch using the link will we provide you before the event.
If your computer does not allow you to download the application, do
not worry! You can easily join through browser. If you need to leave
your computer desk but do not want to miss out on a very interesting
presentation going on, you can either join using your mobile phone or
simply dial in for the audio.

If Q&A feature where you can type in any questions for the presenters
is not enough for you as an attendee, feel free to raise your hand and
the Host will allow you to talk for even more interaction.
Use the chat, Q&A or the Virtual Discussion session at the end of first
day to ask questions, share your insights and ideas and network with
the participants as much as possible.

Register for the conference using the link we will provide you and Zoom
will automatically send you a reminder prior to the event so that you
do not forget to join. If you cannot be present for the whole duration of
the conference, we will be sending out a link to download all shareable

10th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit
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