12th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty
and Retention Summit

1 – 2 June 2022 | Barcelona | NH Collection Constanza

No one had really anticipated the changes that the pandemic was going to bring. We have seen extreme changes in consumer behaviour such as customers shopping differently and switching to new brands. In such volatile times, holding on to your existing customers is a significant challenge. Have people really stopped seeking rational rewards, such as points or discounts? It seems that a new era of “human” loyalty is upon us.

The 12th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Retention Summit is a business event where experienced leaders from top companies within the cross-industry field will dwell on the main challenges and trends in Customer Loyalty and Retention areas. This highly interactive conference will provide you with valuable information about effective customer retention strategies, driving customer experience with agile principles, technologies that can transform customer journeys, communication channels for better interaction with the customers, inspiring customer loyalty, understanding of customer behaviour and much more. Last but not least, you will gain an insight into new ways of working with consumers and new technologies that can solve challenges as well as identify opportunities.

This loyalty conference will give you the chance to benefit from remarkable networking opportunities with senior-level decision makers due to the limited seats. It is the right place to discuss your ideas with peers and establish considerable business contacts. Do not wait and reserve your seat at our cross-industry event!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Building customer loyalty programs that work
  • Effective customer retention strategies
  • How to drive customer experience by implementing agile principles?
  • Account-based marketing at scale: Increasing relevancy for customer
  • How AI, ML & Big Data technologies can transform customer journeys
  • Staying ahead of customer expectations now and in the future
  • How to encourage customer loyalty during a pandemic?
  • What differentiates you from your competitors: Develop a connection with your brand


Olivier BRUNG

Director Customer Services & Field marketing Flying Blue


Flying Blue Customer Services During COVID Crisis – From Retention to Recovery

The most effective ways to attract and retain customers in the post-pandemic world.

• Impact of the COVID crisis on Flying Blue Customer services
• Flying Blue resilience during crisis, from retention to recovery plan
• Customer services SLA resilience & customers feedback

Pierre-François DUBOIS

SVP Innovation Customer Engagement and Trust


How to Ensure a One-to-One Customer Relationship on a Mass Market?

As digital channels are more and more efficient in dealing with customers' needs, agents in call centres and technicians from the field face more complex issues/customers with higher expectations. To cope with this situation and ensure a good NPS, processes and tools must enable customers to interact with only one person in charge of answering to their needs from end to end. The purpose of the presentation is to present a set of communication tools to support this vision.

• Why do bots and AI have a strong impact on call centres, technicians’ activities and customers' expectations?
• How is it possible to deliver a one-to-one customer relationship on a mass-market?
• What are the tools that Orange put in place and what are the benefits/results?

Oliver ROSS

Interim Director Loyalty, EMEA


Maintaining Customer Loyalty and Trust During Times of Uncertainty

The presentation will give an overview of how Hilton maintained customer loyalty, engagement and improved the customer experience for Hilton Honors members traveling during and post pandemic through the Hilton Honors programme.
• How to encourage customer loyalty during the pandemic and in the recovery that follows?
• How to build an emotionally positive connection with a customer?
• How to keep customers engaged when not travelling as much and reactivate them?
• How to increase customer engagement in the face of uncertainty?
• How to use technology to ensure customers are reassured when they travel and increase loyalty?


CMO Director, Western Europe


Account-Based Marketing at Scale: Increasing Relevancy to Customer

How can we focus both sales and marketing whose target is the same customer segment which is expected to reach the best revenue outcome? The answer is explained through account-based marketing at scale - empowered by technology like CRM, Data & AI, and marketing automation. Once sellers receive recommendations based on customer consumption or purchase history, behaviour & interests triggered by marketing, customer engagement become more relevant and useful and yield better business outcome.


IT Director, Data, CRM & Loyalty Platforms


How AI, ML & Big Data Technologies Can Transform Customer Journeys

Carrefour shared its strategy to be a global leader in Digital Retail. It is built on a “data-centric, digital-first” approach. This digitalization will contribute to the improvement of the customer experience with greater personalization.

• Set-up of the data vision to accelerate personalization and customer engagement
• A CDP. Why?
• How can customer data support daily organization activities?

Enjoyed the experience, met nice colleagues, heard interesting things and have learnings to take back.

– Head of Loyalty Management, Vodafone

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